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About Us

Hello, K.Jay here!

I am the boss Mama behind The Ahmi Mommie. After having my baby girl back in November 2019, I realized there was a lot about pregnancy, childbirth and mothering that I did not know, despite having countless women and mothers around me. After months of research and learning from my own experiences, I found myself wishing it was easier to access such information.

I absolutely love being a mother. I love the ups, the downs, the overall experience. Incorporating my self care, meditation and spiritual practices into my pregnancy and motherhood journey has been nothing short of beautiful. It helped me accept and adapt to this new life with ease and grace. I love sharing what I know and what I learn with others, thus The Ahmi Mommie was born.

Why Spirituality and Motherhood?

When I think of spirituality, I don’t think of religion. Spirituality, to me, is more so about the practices that connect us to ourselves, each other and the world around us. Things like, meditation, journaling, self reflection, discipline, yoga and self care are all examples that define what spirituality means to me. When it comes to motherhood, I think of spirituality as a deep connection to the pregnancy and maternal experience and tapping into divine feminine energy to fulfill one’s role as a “mother”. Being able to do all that I mentioned could mean strengthening and honoring intuition and empathy or simply being more aware of emotions, feelings and reactions. I also believe that making the choice to reparent oneself is an important part of bridging the worlds of motherhood and spirituality together, especially when the goal is geared towards self improvement, changing toxic behaviors and breaking generational curses

Here at The Ahmi Mommie, I attempt to incorporate spirituality into every post, video and/or tutorial to make sure us mamas are staying aware of ourselves and who we are in the process. It is so easy to forget about oneself when becoming a mother and I am here to be your constant reminder to check in and make sure everything you do serves you. Being a mother is not all that you are, but should be seen as a beautiful extension.


Why “The Ahmi Mommie” ?

The name Ahmi (Ah- Mee) is very special to me. While in graduate school, I started my first small business selling my handmade knit and crochet items. I knew I wanted to name my first child (assuming I would have a baby girl) Ahmi, but didn’t see having a child so soon in my future. Being that the craft business was the first thing I ever really created, I treated it like it was my first baby and named it Ahmi Craft Co. The very next year, I found out I was expecting and named my baby girl Ahmi.

So now, here I am, merging all aspects of my life together in hopes to make your life as a mama more convenient, enjoyable and beautiful.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my little corner of the internet. I hope you find the information and inspiration you are looking for.