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Pregnancy Affirmations to Build Trust in Your Body

Creating lists of affirmations has been extremely beneficial to my spiritual journey. It made such a positive impact that I decided to make it a part of my pregnancy journey. I decided to create lists of pregnancy affirmations to manifest my desired pregnancy experience. To begin with, I had no idea what to expect from pregnancy and childbirth. I was both excited and terrified.  Being completely honest, I couldn’t wrap my mind around safely carrying and delivering a child. I doubted myself and my body’s ability to get through labor and recovery.

My self-doubt quickly turned into worry. Worrying was going to do nothing but cause me to stress which posed a to danger for me and my baby. What I wanted at the time was constant reassurance. I wanted to constantly hear that I was strong enough to grow, nurture and, deliver my baby. The truth is no one can realistically provide that kind of support. Even with the support of a partner, family and friends. And trust me, you don’t want that type of emotional dependency anyhow.

I found myself giving myself pep talks in my daily journal. I was going to be my own hype man (or hype-woman?). Either way, I vowed to get through my pregnancy with confidence. I found it very helpful to put my chosen affirmations for the week on a sticky note and post it to the cover of the journal I used every day. As a result, I had no choice but to acknowledge it and put energy into reciting it.

Above all, adding pregnancy affirmations to my pregnancy experience gave me the emotional boost I needed. It also helped me create a better bond to my growing baby. Read more about the things I did to strengthen the bond to my pregnancy and my baby here. I created a list of my favorite affirmations that I used during my pregnancy. The pregnancy affirmations listed below can help any mama build confidence in her body and its ability to prepare for the arrival of her precious baby.











My pregnancy and my body was constantly changing. As a result, I found myself constantly changing my list of affirmations. I highly recommend this practice to any mama looking to add affirmations to her journey. Feel free to add any of the pregnancy affirmations to your own personal list.

Be your own cheerleader, speak all of the good things to yourself. When you are exactly where you told yourself you would be, you will be so proud of yourself! Being committed to experiencing more positive, uplifting emotions will make your pregnancy and birthing experience so much more beautiful and special.

As part of a Motivational Mama Monday theme I will like to try out, I will be adding new affirmations and/or quotes each week. I hope they are useful to you and help you see yourself as the badass mama that you are!


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